Top 10 Caribbean Stud Tips

Listed below are the top 10 tips for playing Caribbean Stud Online. Use these tips wisely and you will have the best chance at beating the house at it’s own game.

Caribbean Stud Poker Tips

  1. Don’t try to bluff. No matter what happens, the dealer is not going to fold so save your money! Bluffing in Caribbean Stud Poker is an expensive mistake.
  2. Always raise with a pair or better. Statistically, a pair will beat the dealers hand more than it loses, so you must raise with any pair, even as low as a pair of twos.
  3. Don’t get married to ace high hands. Some people see an ace high such as A-Q-J-T-2 and raise, thinking they have a chance to win. Remember, at best you can win on the ante because the dealer won’t pay the call bet without A-K or better.Even though ace high hands can look good, you should still fold unless you have ace king or better.
  4. Remember your progressive jackpot bet. Imagine how angry you would be if you forgot to put your dollar bet on and you were dealt a royal flush. That would be a 6 figure pay day down the drain. Be sure to check you’ve placed your dollar chip on the progressive jackpot marker.
  5. Do not let emotions affect your play. Remember the dealer and the player will both have hot and cold streaks. Don’t let a cold streak affect how you’re playing. Keep to the optimal Caribbean Stud strategy we’ve outlined and you’ll be sure to maximize your winnings.
  6. Select your ace king hands wisely. While it’s never a big mistake to raise with every hand containing an ace and a king, it does help to be a little more selective. The best case scenario is when you have a high A-K hand such as A-K-Q-x-x where one of your other cards (x) is the same as the dealers up-card, but in general a hand with A-K-Q in it is almost always one to raise.
  7. Choose your casino wisely. Different casinos offer different payout odds and progressive jackpots as well as special deposit bonuses when you lodge money to play Caribbean Stud. Luckily, we’ve reviewed the twelve best casinos for playing Caribbean Stud online to make this choice easy.
  8. Double check your cards. All too often somebody glances at their cards, sees 5 red ones and think they have a flush. They make the raise bet only to see they have four diamonds and a heart for no hand. Make sure you know exactly what cards you’re holding so you don’t make the same mistake, as the casinos don’t give out refunds for human errors!
  9. Don’t be ruled by superstitions. Having a good feeling about a hand is a sure fire way to lose. Stick to the optimal strategy irregardless.
  10. Use your winnings wisely. Why not take a trip to the home of Caribbean Stud Poker, Aruba, to get the authentic Caribbean Stud Poker experience.