Caribbean Stud Poker Table

Have you ever looked at a new casino game and not understood what all the various outlined boxes are, or even where you place your chips to bet? Luckily enough, online casinos are usually detailed in their efforts to explain the various elements on the table. Caribbean Stud is a very easy game to learn and even easier to play once you understand what the table is all about. Despite the ease of learning the game and understanding the table, this section will provide all the information you need before you sit at the Caribbean Stud table.

Below, there is an instructional picture of the Bodog Caribbean Stud table. The table is very clear and we have put some numbers on it to describe the various elements. This way you will know what to expect when you sit down to play Caribbean Stud.

1) The Rules: Simply click or hover the rules option on the Caribbean Stud table to find out the raise payout odds and the progressive jackpot payouts. These odds sometimes differ across different sites, but usually there is very little between them. Just so you understand what the payout odds are before you play, we recommend click on the rules button.

2) Progressive Jackpot: This is what you want to win. Should you be lucky enough to get dealt a Royal Flush, you will get your hands on what ever this figure is at. A straight flush also earns 10% of this figure on most sites.

3) The Deck: This is the deck from which the cards are dealt. You will not be able to click on this or use it. It is purely for show.

4) Progressive Jackpot Bet: You must click here to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. This is a $1 side bet on each hand that qualify you for the massive progressive jackpot payout should you hit the royal flush. You can read the article on the Caribbean Stud Progressive Jackpot if you wish to learn more.


5) Chips: These are the various chip denominations that you can bet with depending on how much money you have at the table. To use this feature, simply click on the denomination you wish to bet and it will appear in the ante area (No.6). To double the bet simply, click again to add another of the same chip. You can mix up the betting amounts by click on the various denominations and see it being added into the ante field.

6) Ante: As mentioned above, you click on the chip denomination and it appears in this ante field on the table. To remove a bet or change a bet amount simply click on the chips in the ante field and see the chips return to your chip stack.

7) Deal: When you have the chips placed in the ante field and the desired amount you wish to bet, you click on the deal button to start the hand. This will see 5 cards dealt to you and 5 cards dealt to the dealer (one face up).

8) Raise: Depending on the hand you are dealt or if you play optimal Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy, you may wish to raise. When doing this, you will be placing a bet that is twice the ante. Raising is simple. Just click on the raise button. At this point, the dealers hand will be turned over and the winner will be awarded the chips.

9) Fold: If you do not like your hand and wish to fold, just click on the fold button and get ready for the next hand. If you haven’t already, be sure to learn more about playing Caribbean Stud Optimally.

Whether you raise or fold, it will lead to the end of the hand. Many online casinos have a feature where you click a rebet button (that appears at the end of the hand) and you will place the same bet as the last time. This of course is optional and generally speeds up the play.

10) Bankroll: This displays your chip balance. It is the amount of cash you have to bet. Be sure to keep your self well covered in playing Caribbean Stud. It is important to understand you wont win every hand.

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